Charlton James WYKES, son of Charlton James WYKES and Eliza Maria CLEW , was born 19 September 1892 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. He married Gladys Lucy CLARKE bet. October and December, 1941 in Woolwich District, London, Middlesex, England. He died 11 October 1958 in Abbey Wood, London, Middlesex, England. Gladys Lucy CLARKE was born bet. January and March, 1885 in Lewisham District, London, Middlesex, England. She died 26 January 1955 in Bexley, Kent, England.

Children of Charlton James WYKES and Gladys Lucy CLARKE are:
1. Roy Arnold WYKES, b. abt. 1943

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Notes for Charlton James WYKES:

Charlton enjoyed photography as a hobby for all of his life, and over the years he attained boxes and boxes of old negatives, glass slides and photographs of Frogleys, Knibbs and Wykes families, plus many others.

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I believe this is Charlton Wykes aged 8 and his family in 1901, living at Plumstead.
Charlton Wykes 45 Kent Erith London Plumstead Drammer R ...
Eliza Wykes 39 London Islington London Plumstead
Charlton Wykes 8 Canada London Plumstead
Edwin Wykes 4 London Hackney London Plumstead

Charlton and Dorothy lived with Charlton's parents after they married and until the early 1920's when they moved to 296 Wellhall Road, Eltham, London S.E.18. For a short time, they visited and stayed with Dorothy's brother Charles Knibbs at Bihorel, Rouen, France, returning to England in 1923.

In 1911 we see Charlton Jr. living with his parents at 21 Bostall Hill, Plumstead, Kent:
Charlton Wykes Head 58 Married (31 years) Blacksmiths Hammerman Erith Kent
Eliza Wykes Wife 49 Married Islington, London
Charlton Wykes Son 18 Single Electric Wire Worker Winnipeg Canada
Edwin Wykes Son 14 Bakers Boy & Student Bethnall Green London

Charlton Sr worked for the London County Council, Charlton Jr. worked for Cable & Wire Western Electric Company.

Looking back through the WYKES family, we see that Charlton's father (also a Charlton) came from Kent originally. In 1911, we see the family living at 21 Bostall Hill, Plumstead, Kent, England, with his parents and brother:
Charlton Wykes Married M 58 Blacksmiths Hammerman London County Council Erith Kent
Eliza Wykes Wife Married (31 years) 49 Islington London
Charlton Wykes Son Single M 18 Electric Wire Worker Winnipeg Canada (resident)
Edwin Wykes Son M 14 Bakers Boy and Student Bethnal Green London

Charlton Sr. worked for the London County Council. Charlton jr, worked for Cable and Wireless, Western Electric Company.
He married Eliza Maria Clew during q2/1879 in Poplar District, London, Middlesex.

In 1901, Charlton Sr. was living at 11 Rippolson Road, Plumstead which at that time was considered to be within the county of London:
Charlton Wykes Head Mar 45 Drammer R. Arsenal Kent Erith
Eliza Wykes Wife M 39 London Islington
Charlton Wykes Son 8 Canada
Edwin Wykes Son 4 London Hackney

In 1881 we see Charlton Jr.'s parents living at 4 Vine St., Lambeth, Surrey, England:
Charlton Jas. WYKES Head M Male 27 Erith, Kent, England Milkman
Eliza M. WYKES Wife M Female 21 Faversham, Kent, England

Charlton's mother's name was Eliza Maria CLEW. She married Charlton senior in q2/1879 at Poplar District, London, England. Charlton senior died in q1/1930 at Woolwich District, London, Middlesex, England.

Prior to that, in 1871, we see Charlton's father living with his parents at what looks like 9, Union Terrace, Crayford. Crayford is a small village just outside of Dartford, so still in Kent. Crayford is also about 5 miles
south or Erith where Charlton Sr. was born. It's interesting that Charlton Jr. had a brother born in Hammersmith, London.
Edwin Wykes Head 45 Print Cutter born Dartford Kent
Sarah Wykes Wife 47 Bucks born St Peters Chalfont
Edwin Wykes Son 20 Book Keeper born Middlesex Hammersmith
Charlton J Wykes Son 18 Assistant to Printer born Kent Erith
Clara A Wykes Daughter 16 Kent born Kent Crayford
Arthur Wykes Son 15 Bakers Apprentice born Kent Crayford
Herbert Wykes Son 12 Scholar born Kent Crayford

Charlton Sr.'s father, Edwin WYKES married Sarah EVANS between April-June 1853 at Gravesend, Kent.

In 1861, they were living at London Road, Crayford, Kent:
Edwin Wykes Head 35 Print Cutter born Kent Crayford
Sarah Wykes Wife 37 born Buckinghamshire St Peters
Edwin Wykes Son 10 Scholar born Middlesex Hammersmith
Charlton Wykes Son 9 Scholar born Kent Erith
Clara Wykes Daughter 7 Scholar Kent Crayford
Arthur Wykes Son 5 Kent Crayford
Herbert Wykes Son 2 Kent Crayford

Stepping back one further generation, to 1851, we see Charlton Jr.'s grandfather living at what looks like 5 Swan Row, Crayford, Kent:
James Wykes Head 74 Cutter born Middlesex Old Ford
Elizabeth Wykes Wife 50 born Kent Petham
Edwin Wykes Son 25 Cutter born Kent Crayford
Albert Wykes Son 22 Cutter born Kent Crayford

At the very first census in 1841, we see them again living at what looks like Swan Row, Crayford, Kent:
James Wykes 60 Print Cutter
Elizabeth Wykes 47
Edward Wykes 15
Albert Wykes 12
Note that Edwin was recorded as 'Edward' in the census.

It's also interesting to note that James Wykes was born in Middlesex (although I don't recognise the name of Old Ford). We've never understood why Charlton Jr. settled in the London area when he returned from Canada, but maybe there were family there.

See Charlton's Burial Record


Our gratitude goes to the members and volunteers at Find A Grave web site for recording the details, in memory of Charlton.

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Notes for Gladys Lucy CLARKE:

I'm not 100% sure that I have the right birth date for Gladys.

Gladys was employed by Charlton Wykes as his housekeeper and as such, she, her husband Walter and daughter Evelyn lived in the house with Charlton before 1941. Shortley after her husband died, she married Charlton Wykes.

Gladys suffered from mental illness spending much of her later life in and out of institutions. She suffered from kleptomania and later chronic melancholia. Sadly, she died in a psychiatric hospital as it became impossible to care for her at home.

See Gladys' Burial Record


Our gratitude goes to the members and volunteers at Find A Grave web site for recording the details, in memory of Gladys.

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Notes for Roy Arnold WYKES:

I understand from Roy's step-sister, Kathleen, that Roy was adopted after Charlton Wykes married his second wife, Gladys Clarke. Gladys had been a foster mother to babies previously, and once she and Charlton married, they decided they'd like to adopt a child to raise as their own. It took some time, but eventually Roy came along.

Story has it that Roy was the son of a married lady who'd had an affair. However, she and her husband managed to save their marriage but he didn't want her to keep the other man's child. Over the years, his step sister lost contact with him.

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