Charlton James WYKES was born abt. 1853 in Erith, Kent, England. He married Eliza Maria CLEW bet. April and June, 1879 in Poplar District, London, Middlesex, England. He died 27 March 1930 in Abbey Wood, Greenwich, London, Middlesex, England. Eliza Maria CLEW was born abt. 1860 in Faversham, Kent, England. She died 21 March 1937 in Abbey Wood, Greenwich, London, Middlesex, England.

Children of Charlton James WYKES and Eliza Maria CLEW are:
1. Charlton James WYKES, b. 19 September 1892 See Charlton James WYKES & Dorothy Lilian M KNIBBS OR Charlton James WYKES & Gladys Lucy CLARKE OR Charlton James WYKES & Rose Ann JOHNSTON
2. Eliza WYKES, b. abt. 01 March 1883
3. Edwin Albert WYKES, b. bet. April and June, 1896
4. Clara WYKES, b. abt. 01 March 1886
5. Unknown WYKES, b. bet. 1879 and 1911

Notes for Charlton James WYKES:

We first see Charlton Wykes Sr. parents in 1841, living at what looks like Swan Row, Crayford, Kent:
James Wykes 60 Print Cutter
Elizabeth Wykes 47
Edward Wykes 15
Albert Wykes 12
Note that Edwin was recorded as 'Edward' in the census.

In 1851, we see Charlton Sr.'s father still living at 5 Swan Row, Crayford, Kent:
James Wykes Head 74 Cutter born Middlesex Old Ford
Elizabeth Wykes Wife 50 born Kent Petham
Edwin Wykes Son 25 Cutter born Kent Crayford
Albert Wykes Son 22 Cutter born Kent Crayford

Charlton Sr.'s father, Edwin WYKES married Sarah EVANS between April-June 1853 at Gravesend, Kent.

In 1861, they were living at London Road, Crayford, Kent:
Edwin Wykes Head 35 Print Cutter born Kent Crayford
Sarah Wykes Wife 37 born Buckinghamshire St Peters
Edwin Wykes Son 10 Scholar born Middlesex Hammersmith
Charlton Wykes Son 9 Scholar born Kent Erith
Clara Wykes Daughter 7 Scholar Kent Crayford
Arthur Wykes Son 5 Kent Crayford
Herbert Wykes Son 2 Kent Crayford

In 1871, Charlton Wykes Sr. was living with his parents at what looks like 9, Union Terrace, Crayford. Crayford is a small village just outside of Dartford, so still in Kent. Crayford is also about 5 miles south of Erith where Charlton Sr. was born. It's interesting that Charlton Jr. had a brother born in Hammersmith, London.
Edwin Wykes Head 45 Print Cutter born Dartford Kent
Sarah Wykes Wife 47 Bucks born St Peters Chalfont
Edwin Wykes Son 20 Book Keeper born Middlesex Hammersmith
Charlton J Wykes Son 18 Assistant to Printer born Kent Erith
Clara A Wykes Daughter 16 Kent born Kent Crayford
Arthur Wykes Son 15 Bakers Apprentice born Kent Crayford
Herbert Wykes Son 12 Scholar born Kent Crayford

Charlton married Eliza Maria Clew during q2/1879 in the Poplar District of London.

We see Charlton in 1881, living at 4 Vine Street, Lambeth, London:
Charlton Jas. Wykes Head Mar 27 Milkman Kent Erith
Eliza Wykes Wife Mar 21 Kent Faversham

Having drifted into East London from Kent at some time before 1879, Charles and Eliza went to Canada in 1884 with their daughter Elizabeth, under a scheme organised by Lady Burdett-Coutts.

We learn a great deal of Charlton's time in Canada from the fantastic dsissertation by Elizabeth A Scott as part of her Doctor of Philosophy Degree In the Department of History, University of Saskatchewan: The colonists who were assisted to Canada under the scheme arrived in Moosomin, Saskatchewan in the summer of 1884 and were each given a quarter section of unbroken farm land on which to build their homesteads. Many of the quarter sections were unfortunately not good land. Charlton showed great promise as a settler in 1884. and was considered to be a “success” with twelve acres broken and an advantage in the quality of the land he received.
He left the Moosomin area for Winnipeg in 1888 having stayed on his homestead
for four years. During this time he built a sixteen by twenty-two foot house, broke forty acres, had thirty acres in crop and was entitled to apply for patent having completed his settlement duties. He also had a yoke of oxen, a young bull, some pigs, and a cow.Even though he had moved to Winnipeg, Charlton applied for his homestead patent in 1892 suggesting that even at this late stage he remained interested in maintaining a connection to his homestead. The Dominion Lands Commission also explained to him that he was entitled to apply for a second homestead entry which would have expanded his farming operations. By 1895, however, the LCAS had
been granted patent to his land and any hope of his continuing farming ended. As much as the old settlers in the Moosomin area are said not to remember him, Charlton Wykes left his mark on the Pipestone Creek landscape. An area on his homestead was still in the 1980s referred to as “Wykes’s Hill.” Joseph Budd named his son, born in 1890, Charlton likely after his friend Wykes. These anecdotes suggest Charlton Wykes was a presence in the colony during the short
time he was there before leaving for Winnipeg.
For public servants, the memory of Charlton Wykes’s time on the Canadian prairie lasted into the 1940s. Government records indicate a small seed grain loan from 1887 was still outstanding and in collections in 1942 before it was finally written off.
Charlton descendants do not know why or exactly when the family returned to England. They do know, however, that the family endured a tragedy in Canada
losing their two small children within one week likely to an infectious disease. The Manitoba death register index confirms that two children by the last name Wykes, one born in 1883 (Eliza) and the other born in 1886 (name unknown), died on October 22 and October 27, 1888 in Winnipeg. Given the problems with the liens and this family tragedy the Charlton and Eliza may have simply had too devastating an experience in Canada to stay. Their return to England was arranged in haste; they travelled home on a cattle ship with no advance booking.


In 1901, we see Charlton Sr. back in England at 11 Rippolson Road, Plumstead, London.
Charlton Wykes Head Mar 45 Drummer Royal Arsenal Kent Erith
Eliza Wykes Wife Mar 39 London Islington
Charlton Wykes Son 8 Canada
Edwin Wykes Son 4 London Hackney

In 1911, we see Charlton livin at 21 Bostall Hill, Plumstead, Kent:
Charlton Wykes Head 58 Mar Blacksmiths Hammerman Erith Kent
Eliza Wykes Wife Mar (31 years) 49 Islington London
Charlton Wykes Son UnM 19 Electric Wire Worker Winnipeg Canada
Edwin Wykes Son 14 Bakers Boy and Student Bethnal Green London

The census confirms that they had 5 children, 3 of whom died before the census was taken.

See Charlton's Burial Record


Our gratitude goes to the members and volunteers at Find A Grave web site for recording the details, in memory of Charlton.

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Notes for Eliza Maria CLEW:

There's a possibility that Eiza's maiden name was CARE and not CLEW. She was identified as CLEW in the marriage register, but when her son Clarlton was born, she was listed as Eliza Maria CLEW.
I've never found any potential births for her under either name.

Eliza died aged 77. There's a little confusion over her second Christian name. The marriage register has her as Eliza Maria, but the burial record has her as Eliza Clara.

See Eliza's Burial Record


Our gratitude goes to the members and volunteers at Find A Grave web site for recording the details, in memory of Eliza.

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Notes for Eliza WYKES:

Also known as: Eliza

Our gratitude goes to the members and volunteers at Find A Grave web site for recording the details, in memory of Elizabeth.

We are especially endebted to the findagrave volunteer Garth Woodward. He was photographing the oldest opart of the graveyard where Clara and her sister Eliza are buried, when he came across their small headstone, face down in the dirt. He turned it over and cleaned the dirt off and returned a few days later to take the photograph after the mud had dried off. The stone had been face down for many years, so the inscription was in very good condition.

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Notes for Edwin Albert WYKES:

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Notes for Clara WYKES:

Our gratitude goes to the members and volunteers at Find A Grave web site for recording the details, in memory of Clara.

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Notes for Unknown WYKES:

We know from the 1911 census return that Charlton and Eliza had 5 children, but have only managed to find information for 4 of them. We have no idea if the 5th child was born in England or Canada, but can see the following potential children born in Poplar District, London, England before they emigrated to Canada:
Emma Wykes - q4/1879 - No record seen for her other than her birth.
Charles Wykes - q2/1880 - died q2/1880
Thomas William Wykes - q3/1883 - died q1/1884

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