John Edward KNIBBS, son of John KNIBBS and Susannah PERRY , was born bef. 11 July 1813 in Deddington, Oxfordshire, England. He married Belinda UNKNOWN bef. 1851. He died bef. 29 January 1875 in Liverpool, Lancashire, England. Belinda UNKNOWN was born abt. 1822 in Highleadon, Gloucestershire, England. She died bef. 13 October 1899 in West Derby District, Lancashire, England.

Children of John Edward KNIBBS and Belinda UNKNOWN are:
1. John Edward KNIBBS, b. bef. 16 June 1850
2. Thomas Edward KNIBBS, b. bet. April and June, 1854 See Thomas Edward KNIBBS & Catherine Ann JONES OR Thomas Edward KNIBBS & Lilian Mary WALSH
3. Elizabeth Hannah KNIBBS, b. bet. January and March, 1852 See Frank MANDY & Elizabeth Hannah KNIBBS
4. Eliza Emily KNIBBS, b. bet. October and December, 1857 See William John CLARK & Eliza Emily KNIBBS

Notes for John Edward KNIBBS:

I'm not 100% sure that John Edward was the son of John and Susannah Knibbs, although it seems highly likely that he was. In all the census records between 1851 and 1871 it's listed that he was born in Deddington at around 1815. There is no record of a John Knibbs being born there in 1815, but the only John born at around that time was John, the son of John Knibbs and his wife Susannah Perry. He was baptised on 11 July 1813.

Belinda was quite a few years younger than John, so she couldn't have married until 1838 at the very earliest.

In 1851, John Edward was living at 2 Titchfield Street, Liverpool, Lancashire with a wife named Belinda and son John, aged 1.
John Knibbs Head Mar 35 Painter Deddington Oxfordfshire
Belinda Knibbs Wife Mar 27 High Leadden Gloucestershire
John Knibbs Son 0 Liverpool Lancashire
Samuel Powell Head 60 Labourer Flintshire Wales
Catherine Powell Wife 63 Pool Cheshire

John Edward Knibbs appear in 1871 living at 10 William Henry Street, Bootle, Liverpool:
John E Knibbs Head Mar 56 Painter Deddington, Oxon
Ann Knibbs Wife 48 Gloucester
Thomas Knibbs Son UnM 16 Lancashire Liverpool
Emily Knibbs Daur 12 Scholar Lancashire Liverpool

I'm guessing that his wife named here as Ann is the same wife named Belinda in 1851 - maybe Belinda Ann or Ann Belinda.

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Notes for Belinda UNKNOWN:

Also known as: Ann

We can see Belinda living with her daughter Elizabeth Hannah and her husband at the time of the 1881 census:
Frank Mandy Head Mar 34 Warehouse Keeper London
Elizth H Mandy Wife Mar 29 Lanc Liverpool
Belinda E Mandy Daur 3 Lanc Liverpool
Emily J Mandy 1 Lanc Liverpool
Belinda Knibbs Mother in Law Wid 62 Dressmaker Gloucestershire

In 1891, we see Belinda living at 33 Lincoln Street, Bootle, Liverpool, Lancashire:
Henry Marshall Head Wid 33 Labourer Halsall Lancs
John Henry Marshall Son 12 Scholar Liverpool Lancs
William John Marshall Son 11 Scholar Bootle Lancs
Robert Marshall Son 8 Scholar Bootle Lancs
Margt. Marshall Daur 6 Scholar Bootle Lancs
Edward E Marshall Son 3 Bootle Lancs
Margt. Marshall Boarder Wid 75 Formby Lancs
Belinda Knibbs Lodger Wid 69 Tailoress Gloucester

Belinda died aged 77 years.

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Notes for John Edward KNIBBS:

See John's Birth Certificate

See John's Death Certificate


John Edward died at 2 Titchfield Street, Liverpool at just 3-4 months old.

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