Thomas Edward KNIBBS, son of John Edward KNIBBS and Belinda UNKNOWN , was born bet. April and June, 1854 in Liverpool, Lancashire, England. He married Lilian Mary WALSH bet. April and June, 1892 in Walton, Lancashire, England. He died bet. April and June, 1934 in West Derby District, Lancashire, England. Lilian Mary WALSH was born abt. 1870 in Bootle, Lancashire, England. She died bet. October and December, 1930 in West Derby District, Lancashire, England.

Children of Thomas Edward KNIBBS and Lilian Mary WALSH are:
1. Charlotte Belinda KNIBBS, b. 11 February 1893 See Francis William MCKITTRICK & Charlotte Belinda KNIBBS
2. Elizabeth Helen KNIBBS, b. 30 January 1895 See Edward John HOY & Elizabeth Helen KNIBBS
3. Ada May KNIBBS, b. 23 January 1897 See John James DENN & Ada May KNIBBS
4. Amy Olive KNIBBS, b. 16 February 1899 See James HANKIN & Amy Olive KNIBBS
5. James Herbert KNIBBS, b. bet. April and June, 1900
6. Lily Emily KNIBBS, b. abt. 01 September 1902
7. Edward Bond KNIBBS, b. 09 November 1903 See Edward Bond KNIBBS & Edith Louise JONES
8. Doris Mary KNIBBS, b. bet. April and June, 1908 See Thomas WARBURTON & Doris Mary KNIBBS

Marriage Notes for Thomas Edward KNIBBS\Lilian Mary WALSH:

They were married at the Church of St Mary, Walton.

Other Marriages/Unions for Thomas Edward KNIBBS:
See Thomas Edward KNIBBS & Catherine Ann JONES

Other Marriages/Unions for Lilian Mary WALSH:
See ? & Lilian Mary WALSH

Notes for Thomas Edward KNIBBS:

Also known as: Ted

We can see Thomas in 1881 living at 26 Sheridan Place, Bootle Cum Linacre, Lancashire, England with his wife and daughter:
Thos. E Knibbs Head 26 Liverpool Carter
Catherine A Knibbs Wife 26 Liverpool
Margt. Ann Knibbs Dau 3 Bootle

In 1891, we see the family living at 19 Lincoln Street, Bootle, Liverpool, Lancashire:
Thomas E Knibbs Head M 36 Carter Liverpool Lancs
Catherine A Knibbs Wife M 36 Liverpool Lancs
Margt A Knibbs Daughter s 13 Scholar Bootle Lancs
Thomas E Knibbs Son S 4 Bootle Lancs

We see Thomas and family in 1901, living at 59 Conway Street, Seaforth, Liverpool, Lancashire:
Thomas E Knibbs Head M 45 Timber Yard Labourer Lan Liverpool
Lilian M Knibbs Wife M 31 Lan Bootle
Thomas E Knibbs Son S 14 Bread Shop Boy Lan Bootle
Margery Walsh Step Daughter S 14 ???? & Match Factory Lan Seaforth
Charlotte B Knibbs Daur S 8 Lan Bootle
Elizabeth H Knibbs Daur 6 Lan Bootle
Ada M Knibbs Daur 4 Lan Seaforth
Amy O Knibbs Daur 2 Lan Seaforth

Thomas and his family are living at 10 Kendrick Street, Seaforth, Nr. Liverpool, Lancashire in 1911:
Thomas Edward Knibbs Head Married 57 General Labourer Liverpool Lancs
Lilian Mary Knibbs Wife Married (19 years) Dress Maker Bootle Lancs
Ada May Knibbs Daughter Single 14 Seaforth Lancs
Amy Olive Knibbs Daughter 12 School Seaforth Lancs
Lily Emily Knibbs Daughter 8 School Deaforth Lancs
Edward Bond Knibbs Son 7 School Litherland Lancs
Doris May Knibbs Daughter 2 Bootle Lancs

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Notes for Lilian Mary WALSH:

I'm told that Lilian's mother's maiden name was BOND, hence the middle Christian name of Bond for some of this line. That being the case, I suspect her parents may have been James Walsh and Charlotte Bond who married during q1/1868 at Liverpool District.

The first I've seen for Lilian was in 1891 when she was living with her widowed mother at 32 Armstrong Street, Walton, Lancashire:
Charlotte Walsh Head Wid 43 Laundress Bootle
Lilian Walsh Daur UnM 22 No Occupation Bootle
Thomas Walsh Son 14 Bootle
Amy Walsh Daur 8 Bootle
Marjarie(?) Grand Daur 4 Bootle

Marjarie was of course, Margery, Lilian's daughter.

Lilian's age was given as 60 when she died in 1930.

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Notes for James Herbert KNIBBS:

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Notes for Lily Emily KNIBBS:

Lily died aged just 19.

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