Charles Barrett PEASE was born bet. July and September, 1843 in Westbury, Buckinghamshire, England. He married Elizabeth Sarah BISHOP 17 June 1884 in Kidlington, Oxfordshire, England. He died bef. 25 September 1892 in Headington District, Oxfordshire, England. Elizabeth Sarah BISHOP was born bet. July and September, 1850 in Northleigh, Oxfordshire, England. She died bef. 22 July 1924 in Woodstock District, Oxfordshire, England.

Children of Charles Barrett PEASE and Elizabeth Sarah BISHOP are:
1. Ernest John PEASE, b. 06 April 1885

Marriage Notes for Charles Barrett PEASE\Elizabeth Sarah BISHOP:

The marriage was witnessed by John and Jane Matthews

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Notes for Charles Barrett PEASE:

The first we see of Charles in in 1851 when he was living at Brackley, Northa,mptonshire:
Mary A Pease Head Wid 39 Lace Maker Oxon Mixbury
Charles B Pease Son 3 Bucks Westbury
Thomas B Pease Son-in-Law 25 Ag Lab Bucks Westbury
John Pease Son-in-Law 245 Ag Lab Bucks Westbury

Whilst Thomas and John were listed as sons-in-law, they clearly weren't so I suspect brothers-in-law.

Charles married Annie in 1863.

Charles can be seen in the 1881 census for England and Wales, living at Kidlington, Oxfordshire with his first wife Annie and 5 children. Also living with them is William Cook, a lodger from Finmere.

Charles B PEASE Head M 38 Westbury Buckingham Railway Porter
Annie PEASE M 34 Finmere Oxford Porters Wife
William PEASE Son 12 Leamington Warwick Scholar
Alice PEASE Daur 10 Kidlington Oxford Scholar
Lizzie PEASE Daur 8 Kidlington Oxford Scholar
Frederick PEASE Son 6 Kidlington Oxford Scholar
Ruth PEASE Daur 4 Kidlington Oxford Scholar
William COOK Lodger UnM 18 Finmere Oxford Domestic Servant

Charles' first wife Annie died in 1883 aged just 37 years.

Charles married Elizabeth Knibbs (nee Bishop) in 1884.

Charles can be seen again at the 1891 census living at Church Street, Kidlington, Oxfordshire, England.
Charles B Pease 49 Railway Porter Westbury Bucks
Elizabeth S Pease wife 40 Laundress North Leigh Oxon
George W Knibbs step son 16 General Labourer Kidlington, Oxon
Frederick Pease son 16 General Labourer Thrupp, Oxon
Rose Knibbs step daughter 12 Kidlington, Oxon
Bertha E Pease daughter 10 Kidlington, Oxon
Ernest J Pease son 6 Kidlington, Oxon

Charles Barrett Pease died aged 52 years in September 1892

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Notes for Elizabeth Sarah BISHOP:

Please note that we are, as yet, uncertain about the true Christian name of Elizabeth's father. He's listed as Philip in the census returns, but, on the Kidlington PR for marriages when Elizabeth married Charles Pease, he was identified as William Bishop. If I had to choose between the two names I would go for Philip. Firstly, it's the name that appears most often, and secondly, Elizabeth and Henry Knibbs' first son was named Henry Philip.

In 1841, we can see Elizabeth Bishop's father, Philip, living at Witney, Oxfordshire, England with whom we believe to be his mother mary Bishop and presumable his older sister, Elizabeth:
Mary Bishop 50
Elizabeth Bishop 20
Philip Bishop 15 born North Leigh, Wootton, Oxfordshire

At the 1851 Census, Elizabeth's father Philip was still living at Northleigh, Witney, Oxfordshire but this time with his wife Elizabeth as well as two younger children, Mary Bishop aged 2 and Elizabeth Bishop, aged just 8 months:
Philip Bishop Head Mar 25 Agricultural Labourer Northleigh Oxfordshire
Elizabeth Bishop Wife Mar 25 Bucklington Oxfordshire
Mary Bishop Daur 2 Northleigh Oxfordshire
Elizabeth Bishop Daur 8 months Northleigh Oxfordshire

In 1861 they were still living at Northleigh, Witney, Oxfordshire. Philip seems to have lost 2 years against his age and Elizabeth's mother had lost 4 years! There was no sign of Elizabeth older sister Mary, but there were then 5 chldren including Elizabeth:
Phillip Bishop Head Mar 33 Carter Norhtleigh Hailey Oxfordshire
Elizabeth Bishop Wife Mar 31 Bucklington Oxfordshire
Elizabeth Bishop Daur 10 Scholar Northleigh Oxfordshire
Emma Bishop Daur 9 Scholar Northleigh Oxfordshire
George Bishop Son 7 Northleigh Oxfordshire
Thomas Bishop Son 5 Northleigh Oxfordshire
Mark Bishop Son 1 Northleigh Oxfordshire

Elizabeth married Henry Knibbs in 1872.

Elizabeth is shown in the 1881 census for England and Wales living at Pri Ho Church Street with her son George, daughter Rosa and lodger William Elland:
Elizabeth KNIBBS Head Wid 30 Laundress Northleigh Oxford
George KNIBBS Son 5 scholar Kidlington Oxford
Rosa KNIBBS Daur 1 Kidlington Oxford
William ELLAND Boarder Wid 60 ag Lab Hampton Poyle Oxford

Elizabeth's husband Henry Knibbs had died in 1878. Interestingly, it can also be seen in the 1881 census that her older son Henry Phillip was living with his grandfather, Phillip Bishop at Stratfield Farm, Kidlington, Oxfordshire.
Phillip BISHOP Head Mar 55 Ag Lab Hailey Oxford
Henry KNIBBS Grandson 7 Scholar Kidlington Oxford

Also, her older daughter, Harriet Annie was living with her aunt Harriet Jane Albury (nee Knibbs) and her husband George Albury.
George H ALBURy Head Mar 30 Groom (ND) North Harnboro Hampshire
Harret J ALBURY Wife Mar 36 Machinist (Glove) Woodstock Oxford
Harriet A KNIBBS Niece 4 Kidlington Oxford

Elizabeth married Charles Barrett Pease in 1884.

She can be seen in the 1901 census as Elizabeth Sarah PEASE, still living at Kidlington, Oxfordshire. Her second husband died aged 52 years in 1892. There is however a son Ernest, aged 15 years listed with her.
Elizabeth S Pease Head Wid 50 Laundress Oxon Northleigh
Ernest J Pease Son 15 Railway Porter Oxon Kidlington
Cissy A A Bishop Neice UnM 14 Worker in Laundry Middlesex South Acton

In 1911, Elizabeth was living at Church Street, Kidlington, Oxfordshiore:
Elizabeth Pease Head Wid 57 Laundress Northlkeigh Oxfordshire
Jane Woodward Cousin 17 UnM Laundry Maid Coombe Oxfordshire

The Kidlington Parish Register shows Elizabeth died aged 73 in July 1924.

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Notes for Ernest John PEASE:

I learned from Ernest's grandaughter, Anne (Pease) Bailey, that Ernest married Eliza Barnett on 12th July 1909 (her birthday) at Rowington Warwickshire and had four children. I can see that three of them were Ernest G (q3/1914), Louisa V (q1/1916), and Philip C (q3/1920). They were born in the Abingdon District.

Anne also tells me that her grandmother, Eliza was born in a beautiful cottage at Lowsonford near Henly in Arden, Warwickshire. The deeds showed that Eliza Barnett's family owned the house which was a post office and bakers. Eliza's father, Thomas Barnett, was the baker.
Eliza and Ernest met when she was travelling by train from Lowsonford to Kidlington. She worked at Blenheim Palace as a maid and he was a railway signalman/porter. They lived in a railway cottage at Steventon then moved to Didcot.

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