William Henry MORLEY was born bet. October and December, 1877 in Bodicote, Oxfordshire, England. He married Rosa Georgina KNIBBS bet. October and December, 1898 in Woodstock District, Oxfordshire, England. He died UNKNOWN. Rosa Georgina KNIBBS, daughter of Henry KNIBBS and Elizabeth Sarah BISHOP , was born 10 January 1880 in Kidlington, Oxfordshire, England. She died abt. 1952 in Kidlington, Oxfordshire, England.

Children of William Henry MORLEY and Rosa Georgina KNIBBS are:
1. Ernest John Victor MORLEY, b. bet. July and September, 1900
2. William George Henry MORLEY, b. 26 April 1899
3. Rosina D MORLEY, b. bet. January and March, 1914
4. William P MORLEY, b. bet. January and March, 1912
5. Lydia Rose MORLEY, b. bet. July and September, 1902
6. Harry Herbert MORLEY, b. 04 August 1904
7. Elizabeth Annie MORLEY, b. bet. July and September, 1908

Marriage Notes for William Henry MORLEY\Rosa Georgina KNIBBS:

Click to see Rosa and William Morley at the wedding of Rosa's neice Florence Axtell. Rosa is standing on the extreme left of the photo and William at the very back in the centre.

Notes for William Henry MORLEY:

I am told that the Bodicote PR transcript shows William was baptised 6 Jan 1878, the son of William and Elizabeth. His father William was a labourer. There's a little mystery surrounding what happened to his parents. Just three years after his baptism, in 1881, William Henry aged 3 is living at 24 Windsor Terrace, Neithrop, Oxford, England with his aunt Caroline Morley, so where were his parents at that time?
Caroline Morley Head Wid 60 Formerly Genl Servant Middleton Cheney Northampton
William Morley Son 17 Shopman In Boot & Shoe Shop Banbury Oxford
William Morley Nephew 3 Bodicote Oxford
Frederick John Jeffcott Lodger UnM 21 Labourer at Brewery Coventry Warwick
John Morley Lodger 19 Groom (ND) Adderbury Oxford
George Cook Lodger 22 Groom (ND) Kiddington Oxford

Ten years later, at the 1891 census, William is back living with his mother at the Lower Part of the Village, Great Tew, Oxfordshire. His mother had by this time, remarried:.
George Brooks Head Mar 44 General Labourer Oxon Great Tew
Elizabeth Brooks Wife Mar 45 Oxon Great Tew
William H Morley Stepson 13 Agricultural Labourer Oxon Bodicote.

George Brooks married Henry's mother during q1/1886 at Chipping Norton District, Oxfordshire.

William married Rosa Knibs in 1898.

In 1901, William, his wife Rose and son Ernest are living at Church Street, Kidlington, Oxfordshire:
William Morely Head Mar 23 Journeyman Baker Oxon Bodicote
Rose Morley Wife Mar 21 Oxon Kidlington21
Ernest Morley Son 8 months Oxon Kidlington

Their name has been transcribed incorrectly as Morely.

In 1911, they were living at Great Tew, Enstone, Oxfordshire:
William Henry Morley Head 38 Married Usher Domestic Bodicote Oxon
Rose Georgina Morley Wife 31 Married (11 years) Laundress Kidlington Oxon
Ernest John Victor Morley Son 10 School Kidlington Oxon
Lydia Rose Morely Daughter 8 Great Tew Oxon
Herbert Harry Morley Son 6 Great Tew Oxon
Elizabeth Annie Morley Daughter 2 Great Tew Oxon

Rose had 5 children by 1911 and one of them, William, died in infancy.

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Notes for Rosa Georgina KNIBBS:

Also known as: Rose

Records for Rosa vary between Rosa and Rose. Her birth and baptism record in the PR Transcript for Kidlington, Oxfordshire has "Rosa" but everything else seems to have her listed as "Rose".

Rosa's birth certificate has a blank against the entry for her father's name, and says that she was born some 13 months after the death of Henry Knibbs.

There is therefore some confusion over her exact parentage. One view is that Henry Knibbs was her father and that Rosa's mother (Elizabeth) suffered or coped badly after Henry died and simply forgot to register Rosa's birth. Avoidance of a fine for failing to register Rosa's birth on time may have been of greater priority than declaring the name of Rosa's true father at registration.

The other theory is of course, that Henry Knibbs was not her natural father.

The farming out of two of her siblings after Henry's death makes me wonder if Elizabeth, Rosa's mother, was perhaps coping badly after Henry died, so the first theory could well be possibile. One thing is for sure - we will probably never know.

I understand from Claire Graham, a grand daughter of Rosa's brother Henry Phillip Knibbs, that her sister remembers going to visit Aunt Rose when she was a small girl. It was a cottage in Kidlington with some fruit trees and lawns and Rose was a typical country type with her hair in a bun and did a lot of baking! Claire and her sister think she died in 1952, 2 years before her grandfather Henry Philip who died in 1954.

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Notes for Ernest John Victor MORLEY:

Ernest married Daisy F Gibbard During q4/1927 in the Chipping Norton District of Oxfordshire. Thay had a daughter Irene J, born q1/1930 in the same district.

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Notes for William George Henry MORLEY:

William George Henry died aged just 1 year.

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Notes for Rosina D MORLEY:

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Notes for William P MORLEY:

I believe it was this William who married Margaret E Twynham during q4/1936 in the Chipping Norton District of Oxfordshire. They had a son William F born during q1/1941 in the same district.

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Notes for Lydia Rose MORLEY:

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Notes for Harry Herbert MORLEY:

Also known as: Herbert Harry

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Notes for Elizabeth Annie MORLEY:

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