Thomas Bayliss AXTELL was born bef. 03 March 1867 in Yarnton, Oxfordshire, England. He married Harriet Annie KNIBBS bet. July and September, 1896 in Woodstock District, Oxfordshire, England. He died bet. July and September, 1943 in Ploughley, Oxfordshire, England. Harriet Annie KNIBBS, daughter of Henry KNIBBS and Elizabeth Sarah BISHOP , was born bef. 03 September 1876 in Kidlington, Oxfordshire, England. She died bet. January and March, 1971 in Ploughley, Oxfordshire, England.

Children of Thomas Bayliss AXTELL and Harriet Annie KNIBBS are:
1. Thomas Henry Axtell KNIBBS, b. 14 August 1896 See Thomas Henry Axtell KNIBBS & Lily Edwina M HEWITT
2. Elizabeth Kate AXTELL, b. bet. October and December, 1897 See Frederick G BYLES & Elizabeth Kate AXTELL
3. Mary Ada AXTELL, b. bet. July and September, 1899
4. Florence Gladys AXTELL, b. 24 May 1901 See Edward Victor PRATLEY & Florence Gladys AXTELL
5. Ada Agnes AXTELL, b. bet. January and March, 1909
6. Ernest J AXTELL, b. 21 March 1916
7. Betty A AXTELL, b. Private

Marriage Notes for Thomas Bayliss AXTELL\Harriet Annie KNIBBS:

Click to see Harriet and Thomas at the wedding of their daughter Florence, standing 4th and 5th from the right.

Notes for Thomas Bayliss AXTELL:

Terry Jackson, who is descended from the AXTELL line via his mother Peggy Beatrice AXTELL (below), gave me the following information of the four generations prior to Thomas Bayliss Axtell who married to Harriet Annie Knibbs:
Joseph Axtell date to be confirmed. g.g.g.g.g.g. born in Weston Turville Bucks abt 1730.
James Axtell dob abt 1761 g.g.g.g.g.
John Axtell dob abt 1789 g.g.g.g
Isaac Axtell dob abt. 1831 g.g.g. the brother of James Axtell
George Axtell dob 3-12-1860 g.g. the brother of Thomas Bayliss Axtell
Stephen Henry Axtell dob 21-7-1907 granddad
Peggy Beatrice Axtell dob 15-4-1929 mother

I understand from John Axtell, a descendant of Thomas' uncle, James Axtell (the brother of Isaac listed below), that Thomas AXTELL who married Harriet Annie Knibbs was the 5th child of Isaac and Louisa (nee Bayliss) Axtell, was baptised on 3rd March 1867 at Yarnton and given the name of Thomas Bayliss Axtell.

The names of Thomas's parents has also been confirmed to me by Dave Broughton, also descended from this line of the family.

Thomas can be seen, aged 14 in the 1881 census for England & Wales living with his family at the Cottage, Yarnton, Oxfordshire.
Isaac Axtell Head Mar 48 Hay Trusser (Ag Lab) Yarnton Oxford
Lousia Axtell Wife Mar 44 Charwoman Yarnton Oxford
John Axtell Son UnM 21 Trusser (Ag Lab) Yarnton Oxford
Hannah Axtell Daur UnM 18 Maid Domestic Servt Yarnton Oxford
James Axtell Son 16 Shepherd &c.Yarnton Oxford
Thomas Axtell Son 14 Bank Maker (Ag Lab) Yarnton Oxford
Mary Axtell Daur 10 Scholar Yarnton Oxford
Richard Axtell Son 8 Scholar Yarnton Oxford
William Axtell Son 5 Scholar Yarnton Oxford
Catherine Axtell Daur 2 Yarnton Oxford

Thomas married Harriet Knibbs in 1896.

Thomas and Harriet appear in the 1901 census for England and Wales living at Yarnton Entire, Oxfordshire with their three children.
Thomas Axtell 34 Hay Lier Oxon Yarnton
Harriett Axtell 24 Oxon Kidlington
Thomas Axtell 4Oxon Kidlington
Elizabeth Axtell 3 Oxon Yarnton
Mary Axtell 1 Oxon Yarnton

Thomas was baptised as Thomas Henry Axtell Knibbs, but clearly appears without the surname Knibbs at the census.

In 1911, Thomas was living at Kings Road, Yarnton, Woodstock, Oxfordshire, England with his wife, son Thomas and four daughters:
Thomas Axtell Head Married M 44 Hay Binder Yarnton Oxon
Harriett Annie Axtell Wife Married (14 years) F 34 Kidlington Oxon
Thomas Henry Axtell Knibbs Son M 14 Farm Labourer Kidlington Oxon
Elizabeth Kate Axtell Daughter F 13 Yarnton, Oxon
Mary Axtell Daughter F 11 Yarnton Oxon
Florence Gladys Axtell Daughter F 9 Yarnton Oxon
Ada Agnes Axtell Daughter F 2 Yarnton Oxon

Harriett had 5 children and all survived.

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Notes for Harriet Annie KNIBBS:

Harriet Annie was living with her aunt Harriet Jane Albury (nee Knibbs) and her husband George Albury at the time of the 1881 census. Harriet Annie's father died in 1878, so it is possible that during hard times after his death, she was farmed out to stay with relatives. Harriet's brother Henry Phillip was living with his grandfather at the time also.
George H. ALBURY Head M Male 30 North Harnboro, Hampshire, England Groom (N D)
Harret J. ALBURY Wife M Female 36 Woodstock, Oxford, England Machinist (Glove)
Harriet A. KNIBBS Niece Female 4 Kidlington, Oxford, Engla

In 1891, Harriet was still living with her aunt Harriet and uncle George Albury, at The Grapes Inn, Yarnton Entire, Oxfordshire where George was the publican:
George H Albury Head M 40 Publican Hants North Warnborough
Marriett J Albury Wife M 45 Oxon Woodstock
Harriett A Knibbs Niece S 14 Oxon Kidlington

I wonder if perhaps George and Harriet may have taken her into their own family after her father died and mother remarried.

From Jackson's Oxford Journal, Saturday, May 21, 1892;

Wootton South Division Petty Sessions.
Before Hon. E. Ponsonby and Rev. Canon Bellairs.
William Passey, Sadler-Street, Oxford, general dealer, was summoned for being drunk at the Grapes Inn, Yarnton, on May 7th - Fined 20s. and 28s. costs.
Henry Nunn, 25, Penson's Gardens, Oxford, Labourer, in the employ of William Passey, was summoned for obstructing P.C. Tipping while in the execution of his duty at the Grapes Inn, Yarnton, on May 7. - Fined 5s. and 10s. costs.
The two above defendants were also charged with assaulting Harriet Jane Albury and Harriet Annie Knibbs at the same time and place. - Ordered to pay costs in each case.
Harriet J. Albury, Harriet A. Knibbs, and George H. Albury were summoned for assaulting W. Passey and H. Nunn at the same time and place. - Dismissed

Harriet's uncle George Albury was the publican of the Grapes Inn at the time and I suspect Harriet may have helped in the bar.

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Notes for Mary Ada AXTELL:

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Notes for Ada Agnes AXTELL:

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Notes for Ernest J AXTELL:

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Notes for Betty A AXTELL: