Thomas Henry Axtell KNIBBS, son of Thomas Bayliss AXTELL and Harriet Annie KNIBBS , was born 14 August 1896 in Kidlington, Oxfordshire, England. He married Lily Edwina M HEWITT bet. January and March, 1923 in Reading, Berkshire, England. He died 16 May 1975 in Reading, Berkshire, England. Lily Edwina M HEWITT was born bet. April and June, 1899 in Reading, Berkshire, England. She died bet. January and March, 1934 in Reading District, Berkshire, England.

Children of Thomas Henry Axtell KNIBBS and Lily Edwina M HEWITT are:
1. Roy Ernest KNIBBS, b. 25 February 1930 See Roy Ernest KNIBBS & Myrtle Violet Avril BOTTING
2. Eileen Patricia KNIBBS, b. 12 June 1923 See William A G HOBBS & Eileen Patricia KNIBBS
3. Iris Edwina M KNIBBS, b. 02 November 1925
4. Barbara L KNIBBS, b. bet. January and March, 1928 See John Horace E CHATFIELD & Barbara L KNIBBS
5. Ivor KNIBBS, b. Private
6. Lily E KNIBBS, b. Private See Frank R LOCK & Lily E KNIBBS

Marriage Notes for Thomas Henry Axtell KNIBBS\Lily Edwina M HEWITT:

They married in Reading, St Luke's.

Notes for Thomas Henry Axtell KNIBBS:

Thomas was the illegitimate son of Harriet Annie, and quite probably the son of Thomas Axtell who married her. He was baptised as Thomas Henry Axtell Knibbs just weeks before his mother married Thomas Axtell, but it is seen in the 1901 census, after his mother married Thomas Axtell, that he is listed as Thomas Axtell. Initially I thought this meant that he had dropped the surname Knibbs once his mother married. However, I then went on to discover that he married using the surname of Knibbs so the Knibbs family name carried on through more generations.

From what I can understand, Tom was a very strict father. He had 4 daughters and 2 sons ranging from fairly new born through to 11 years when his wife died, so maybe he had good reason. Apparently he used to hide his daughters' shoes up inside the chimney so that they couldn't go out dancing when he was at work.

The Wiltshire County Council have reference in the Wiltshire and Swindon Archives of a Thomas Henry Axtell Knibbs as being listed in the GWR Pension Fund, indicating he was a railway worker for GWR (Great Western Railways).

Thomas received two commendations during his service with the Great Western Railway Compamy:
7 June 1941, he was commended for rendering prompt assistance whilst off durty, in dealing with sleepers on fire at the bottom of bank nmear Doiwn Home Signal.
27 July 1949, he was commended for observing a wagon on fire in a train approaching Sonning Signal Box, and promptly assisting in extinguishing of same. Also awarded a gratuity of 10/6d.

The Railway Employment Records show that Thomas was granted compassionate leave on the death of his wife, Lily Edwina M nee HEWITT - c15th January 1934.

We see Thomas and his two children, Iris and Roy, living at 36 Donnington Road, Reading, Berkshire, at the time of the 1939 Register.

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Notes for Lily Edwina M HEWITT:

In 1901, Lily was living at 37 Donnington Road, Reading, Berkshire with her grandparents:
William A Hewitt Head Mar 40 Packing Case Maker Berks Reading
Fanny Hewitt Wife Mar 42 Berks Reading
Lily E M Hewitt Grand Daur 2 Berks Reading
Thomas J Shade Brother in Law Architects Assistant Berks Reading

In 1911, the family was living at 36 Donnington Road, Reading, Berkshire:
William Arthur Hewitt Head 53 Married Wooden Box Maker Berks Reading
Fanny Mary Hewitt Wife 53 Married (36 years) Berks Reading
Lily Hewitt Grand Daur 12 School Berks Reading
Clarissa Waterton Boarder 64 Widow Private Means Berks Reading

In 1923 Lily married Thomas Knibbs.

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Notes for Iris Edwina M KNIBBS:

Iris worked at Huntley & Palmers, the biscuit makers in Reading, Berkshire, England

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Notes for Ivor KNIBBS: