Rev. Richard Philip KNIBBS, son of Henry George KNIBBS and Isabel Mary DICKER , was born 13 February 1899 in Banstead, Surrey, England. He married Bessie Mildred JORDAN 16 June 1928 in Mitcham, Surrey, England. He died 13 December 1969 in Louth, Lincolnshire, England. Bessie Mildred JORDAN was born 13 February 1905 in Mitcham, Surrey, England. She died 25 January 1987 in Lincolnshire, England.

Children of Rev. Richard Philip KNIBBS and Bessie Mildred JORDAN are:
1. Betty M KNIBBS, b. Private See Jeffrey Herbert IRONS & Betty M KNIBBS
2. Patricia Ruth KNIBBS, b. 10 December 1930 See Richard Francis DELACOUR & Patricia Ruth KNIBBS

Marriage Notes for Rev. Richard Philip KNIBBS\Bessie Mildred JORDAN:

From the Norwood News - 22 June 1928:

Charming wedding group at the wedding of Mr, Phillip Knibbs to Miss Bessie Jordan.

A Girls' Friendly Society flag was draped over the altar of Mitcham Parish Church on Saturday, when the marriage took place of one of its principal members—Miss Bessie Mildred Jordan, the eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Jordan, of Rumfold-villas, Mitcham Junction. The bridegroom was Mr. Richard Philip Knibbs, youngest son of Mr. and the late Mrs. H. G. Knibbs, of Woodman's Cottage. Banstead. The flag was surrounded by a beautiful collection of delphiniums. A large number of fellow-members of the Girls' Friendly Society attended the service, which was conducted by the Vicar of Mitcham (Rev. C. Aubrey Finch). Given away by her father, the bride wore a dress of ivory crepe de chine, trimmed with silver lace and a diamante buckle, a veil and orange blossom, and silver brocade shoes. She also wore a gold chain and pendant, studded with amethysts and pearls (the gift of the bridegroom), and carried a bouquet of lilies.
Mr. Victor St. John Robinson was best man, and the bridesmaids were Miss Daisy Jordan (sister) and the Misses Nancy and Winifred Knibbs (sisters of the bridegroom). Their dresses were of periwinkle blue crepe-de-chine. with beige collars and cuffs, and they had beige crinoline hats. and gold-bar brooches, the gifts of the bridegroom. They carried multi-coloured sweet peas. The bride's mother wore a dress of navy-blue wool crepe-de-chine, trimmed with silk crepe-de-chine, and the bridegroom's mother's dress was of blue silk marocaln. The choir attended. and Mr. Reginald Cole presided at the organ. Later, Mr. and Mrs. Knibbs left for the honeymoon at Bournemouth, the bride wearing a fawn two-piece costume, and a fawn hat trimmed with blue.
Below is a list of the presents:—
Rey. and Mrs. A. E. B. Lister—Black floating rose bowl.
M. K. Green—Silver cake basket.
Mr. and Mrs. Hartley Vanstone—Silver cake basket.
Mr. and Mrs. Kemp—Pair oak candlesticks.
Mrs. Mercer and Mabel—Set of Jugs.
Aunt Bess and Gladys—Art pot with fern.
Winnie—Jam container
Miss Hicks—Butter dish with knife.
Uncle Cass and Aunt Lucy—Jam container
Miss Nellie Killi??—Cut glass flower vase
Mrs. C. B. Hawkins—Silver sweet stand.
Madge and Jenny—Cut glass cheese dish
Edith—Cut glass water jug
Miss Winnie Clarke—Flower stand.
Miss Rosie Clarke—Cut glass water jug.
Mrs. Clarke—Half-a-dozen tumblers.
Mrs. A. E. Champion—Brass toasting fork.
Mrs. Smith—Silver butter knife.
Mrs. F. E. Nightingale—Butter dish.
Mr. and Mrs. Emington—Set glass dishes with stands
Mr. and Mrs. Allen—arm chair
Mr. Perryman—Floating flower bowl
Aunt Linada and Nora—Electric iron.
Mr. and Mrs. Bently—Cut glass pickle pot.
Mr. and Mrs. King and Family—Table cloth.
Phil, Artie, Ralph and Dennis—Pair vases.
Grandfather Thompson—Rose bowl.
Mr. and Mrs. Millson—Set vases and pair salt cellars.
Jim—Silver serviette rings.
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Wells—Breakfast service.
Aunt Agnes and Uncle George—Teapot and stand.
Bertha—Silver teapot stand.
Aunt Annie, Uncle Wall. Jack, Eva, Wall and Alice—Oak biscuit barrel silver mounted.
Miss E. Mizen--Sandwich set.
The Staff of James Pollock and Sons— Canteen cutlery.
Girls' Friendly Society—Silver teapot with stand.
Mr. G. Norman D. Barnardo—Pair pictures.
Mr. A. Mizen—Cut glass water jug with tumblers.
Olive and Frank—Pair cut glass flower vases.
Edie and Stanley—Black Doulton rose bowl.
Mrs. Egerson Germon—Travelling clock.
M. E. Green—Silver cake basket.
Rev. and Mrs. A. E. B. V. Lister—Black floating rose bowl.
Ruby and John--Cut glass salad bowl and servers
Mr. all Mrs. Burkill—Cut glass bread dish.
George and Dorothy—Oak coal box.
Nancy—Dining room table.
Winnie—Dinner service.
Mrs. Knibbs (mother of bridegroom)—Companion set and half-a-dozen dining room chairs .
Grandpa and Grandma Dicker—Tea service and cheque.
Mr. and Mrs. St. John Robinson— Hall clock.
Miss Dicker (Aunti Nan)—Sat of aluminium kettles, pans, etc.
Mrs. Waymark—Cut glass water jug.
Bun and Nora, and Grandma Knibbs— Arm chair.
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Clarke—Leather chair.
Billie and Annie—Carpet sweeper.
Mr. and Mrs. Lionel M. Jones—Fish servers.
Phil and Phyllis—Case of fish knives and forks, with servers.
Nellie and Fred—Tea knives.
Doris and Ted—Pastry forks.
Mr. and Mrs. Crisp—Case of teaspoons.
Mum and Dad—Acme wringer.
Daisy—Flower pedestal.
Mr. 0. Dicker—Cheque.
Mr. and Mrs. Carew-Gibson—Black satin down cushion.
Queenie—Oval mirror.
Mrs. and Miss Ware—Cut glass water jug with tumblers.
Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Knibbs—Dining room clock.
Mr. and Mrs. Chadwick—Pyrex cooker with stand.
Mr. and Mrs. Marlowe, and Joycie— Fruit set.
Mr. and Mrs. Cole—Sandwich set.
Aunt Daley—Silver crumb tray and brush.
St. Marks Sunday School—Stainless cutlery.
Bride to Bridegroom—Trouser press.
Bridegroom to Bride—Blue leather handbag.
Aunt Liza—Cheque.
Mr. Charllsh—Cheque

It's strange that the article refers to Richard being "the son of Mr. and the late Mrs. H. G. Knibbs", then included within the list of presents, there's a present of a companion set and half a dozen dining chairs from "Mrs. Knibbs (mother of the bridegroom)". It's my understanding that Richard's mother remarried in 1926, in which case she was not "the late Mrs. Knibbs".

Notes for Rev. Richard Philip KNIBBS:

I believe Richard attended the Selhurst Grammar School for Boys in Croydon from the Autumn term of 1912..

On October 9th, 1926, we see Richard on the ship SS Favorita sailing from Cristobal in the Canal Zone, Panama to the US:
Richard Philip Knibbs 28 yrs 8 mnths Unmarried Engineer from Banstead

We see Richard, Bessie and daughter Patricia living at 146 Wragby Road, Lincoln, Lincolnshire, at the time of the 1939 Register.
Richard's mother Isabel was living with them.

The following refers to Richard Philip:
The Times newspaper, London, Feb 20, 1961:
By the Bishop of Lincoln in St. Giles, Lincoln, yesterday:-
Priests - S. Bates, Worcester; R. P. Knibbs, Lincoln

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Notes for Bessie Mildred JORDAN:

Bessie was the eldest daughter of John and Alice Annie Jordan, of Rumfold-villas, Mitcham Junction, Surrey.Alices maiden name was Thompson. They married during q1/1897 in the Croydon District of Surrey.

We see her parents in 1901 living at Mitcham, Surrey:
John Jordan Head 28 Mitcham Surrey
Alice Jordan Wife 26 Mitcham Surrey
Ernest Jordan Son 2 Mitcham Surrey

Note: Ernest died during q2/1903, aged 3 years.

We see the family in 1911, living at Kitcham, Surrey:
John Jordan Head 38 Carshalton Surrey
Alice Jordan Wife 36 Mitcham Surrey
Philip Jordan Son 9 Mitcham Surrey
Bessie Jordan Daur 6 Mitcham Surrey

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