Grover Cleveland RODMAN was born 12 July 1884 in Indiana, USA. He married Winifred Viola KNIBBS 14 December 1909 in Woodbury County, Iowa, USA. He died 15 September 1923 in Brule, Keith County, Nebraska, USA. Winifred Viola KNIBBS, daughter of Charles Cordon KNIBBS and Clara Annette LINCOLN , was born 01 January 1888 in Orchard, Antelope County, Nebraska, USA. She died 15 November 1982 in San Mateo County, California, USA.

Children of Grover Cleveland RODMAN and Winifred Viola KNIBBS are:
1. Tressa Lear RODMAN, b. 15 June 1910
2. Thelma Blanch RODMAN, b. 17 July 1912
3. Dora RODMAN, b. Private
4. Clara La-Vaughn RODMAN, b. 14 October 1914

Notes for Grover Cleveland RODMAN:

Rodman's life came to a tragic end in September 1923, when he was shot.

I believe this is Grover in 1900, living at ED 124 Blair city Ward 1 & 4, Washington, Nebraska:
Walter B Rodman Head Mar 53 Day Labourer Indiana
America Rodman Wife 48 Indiana
Fannie Rodman Daur 24 Telephone Operator Indiana
Blanche Rodman Daur 17 Teacher Indiana
Grover C Rodman Son 15 At School Indiana
James Rodman Son 13 At School Indiana
Bessie Rodman Daur 10 At School Indiana
Walter Rodman Son 7 Nebraska
Roland Rodman Son 3 Nebraska

Grover married Winifred in 1908.

In 1910 Grover and Winifred were living at Garfield, Antelope, Nebraska:
Grover C Rodman Head Mar 25 Indiana
Winnifred I Rodman Wife Mar 22 Nebraska
Charles C Knibbs Father-in-Law 53 Wisconsin

See Grover's Military Registration Card from 1918


We can see Grover and Winifred living at Keith, Nebraska in 1920:
Grover Rodman Head Mar 35 Indiana
Winnifred Rodman Wife Mar 32 Nebraska
Tressie Rodman Daur 9 Nebraska
Thelma Rodman Daur 7 Nebraska
Chas Knibbs Father-in-Law 63 Wisconsin

From the Brandon Daily Sun, September 15, 1923:
Grover C. Rodman, real estate dealer here, is dead, and two tourists, Perle Warden and Harry Carlson, said to be from Detroit, are in jail here facing murder charges as a result of a roadside argument over a pair of pliers said to have been requested from the Detroit tourists by Rodman, when his automobile lighting system failed, near here last night.


From the Lincoln Evening Journal, 14 September 1923:
They Say He Was Quick Tempered and Probably Told Tourists What He Thought of Them.
Lincoln friends of Grover C. Rodman, prominent western Nebraska real estate man killed by tourists at Brule Thursday night, were shocked at reading the story In Friday's Stata Journal. Ex-Sheriff Forsling of Kimbal county, now located in Lincoln as federal prohibtion officer, was a close friend of the Rodmans for many years* While he was sheriff of Kimball. James A. Rodman, later twice sent to the legislature and now vice president of the Northwestern Life Insurance company, was county attorney. "I can't account for it," said Forsling. "Grover Rodman was a man of good judgment. All of the Rodman boys, however, were fighters when it appeared that they were being imposed upon. From the account in the Journal, I see that Rodman asked these Detroit tourists for a pair of pliers to fix the lighting system on his car. They refused. It would be just like him to follow them into Brule and when they came to a stop, walk out in front of their car and tell them in plain, straight language exactly what he thought of such refusal. He wasn't a man to ever carry a gun." W. L. Bates, university regent now of Lincoln, but formerly of Lodge Pole, expressed a like theory. He was well acquainted with Rodman. "He was the type of man," said Mr. Bates, "who would take up an argument quickly when he believed himself justified." There are a number of facts which, on the surface, look bad for the tourists. At state law enforcement headquarters, there is speculation on why these so-called tourists were armed. And if they had any justification for the shooting, why did they run over the body and endeavor to escape? The roadside argument occurred at midnight near Brule. Something went wrong with Mr. Rodman's lights. Another car came along and he asked for a pair of pliers. His request was refused. He followed them in the car of Dr. Benjamin of Lodge Pole, into the little town near the Colorado town. Dr. Benjamin heard two shots after they had reached the town and he and Rodran had separated. He reached the scene to find Rodman in a dying condition. Death presumably was due to or hastened by the passing of the car wheels over the victim's body. The Detrolters. giving the names of Merle Warden and Harry Carlson, were run down and placed under arrest.


From the The Des Moines Register,14 September 1923:
Grover C. Rodman, real pstate dealer of this place Is dead and two tourists, said to be from Detroit, Mich., are In Jail here facing murder charges as a result of a roadside argument over a pair of pliers with Rodman when his automobile lighting system failed at Brule, near here,' last midnight. : A pistol cotalnlng two empty shells was found In the tourists' car. James A. Rodman, a brother of the dead man, is vice president of the Northwestern Life Insurance company, with headquarters In Omaha.


From the New Castle News, September 15, 1923:
'Detroit Men Held In Nebraska Murder Claim They Thought Real Estate Dealer Who Asked For Pliers Was Bandit
LINCOLN, Neb., Sept.. 15 - Merle J Warden and Harry Carlson, of Detroit, are held in the county jail at Ogallala, Neb., on a charge of murder following the shooting at midnight of Grover C. Rodman, Ogallala real estate dealer. Rodman was shot twice and then run over by the car. According to information here this morning, Rodman’s automobile lights were out of order and he stopped the Detroiters’ requesting the use of their pliers. His request was re fused and the fatal shooting followed. The two men held assert they thought Rodman was a bandit attempting to hold them up.


From the Alton Evening Telegraph, September 20, 1923:
OMAHA, Neb., Sept. 20.—Mel Worden of Detroit, Mich., was bound over to the October term of District Court at Ogallala, Neb., on a charge of murder while Harry Carlson of????? was liberated, when arraigned before a Justice of the peace in connection with the recent shooting of Grover Rodman, Ogallala real estate dealer, according to a special dispatch received from there. Both Warden and Carlson pleaded not guilty. They were automobile tourists and the shooting occured at Brule, after Rodman is reported to have Jumped on tho running board of the tourists car sometime after they had refused the loan of a pair of pliers to fix his automobile lights. Warden and Carlson said they thought an attempt was being made to hold them up.


Our gratitude goes to the members and volunteers at Find A Grave web site for recording the details, in memory of Grover.

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Notes for Winifred Viola KNIBBS:

A picture of Winifred as a young girl

Winifred with her brothers Adelbert and Leroy, taken in about 1905.

We believe this is a photograph of Winifred with her father Charles and daughter Tressa.

We see Winifred in 1930, living at Lincoln, Lancaster, Nebraska:
Winnifred Rodman Head Wid 41 Nebraska
Tressa Rodman Daur 19 Nebraska
Thelma Rodman Daur 17 Nebraska

From The Lincoln Star, 16 April, 1935:
Thirteen Given Certificates— Red Cross home hygiene certificates were presented to 13 women at a meeting of the Hartley P. T. A. Tuesday afternoon. Winning awards were Mesdames Ora Goggins, Lara P. Johnson, Kittie Graham, Edythe Lantz, Winifred Rodman. Hazel D. Moffett, Ethel A. West, Maude McNeil, Christine Sorenson, Edna Hart, Bertha Taylor, Emma Buchan and Gladys Creiner, Miss Jean Tyler made the presentation.


In 1940, we see Winifred living at Ward 9, Omaha, Omaha City, Douglas, Nebraska:
Winifred V Rodman Head Wid 52 Nebraska
Thelma Rodman Daur UnM 27 Stenographer Nebraska
Dora Rodman Daur UnM 18 Nebraska

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Notes for Tressa Lear RODMAN:

Tressa had the married name of David KIRK. I think from what someone told me, they had a son named David Rodman Kirk.
David Rodman Kirk was born on 6 March 1948 but died just two days later at at Santa Clara, California.
I believe they had a second son named David Rodman Kirk in October 1949.

I wonder if this is Tressa we see in 1940, living at Tract 43, Denver, Election District M, Denver, Colorado:
David M Kirk Head Mar 29 Philatelist Iowa
Tressa R Kirk Wife 28 Nebraska
Mary K Kirk Daur 6 months Colorado

The Christian name is correct as is the State of birth. The year of birth is a year out but given the unusual nature of the Christian name, I feel sure it will be her.

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Notes for Thelma Blanch RODMAN:

I believe Thelma married a man with the surname of Thornton.

She had a daughter named Paula Thornton who married a man named George Lester at Hayward, California in September, 1966. Paula was given away at marriage by her uncle, David Kirk.

Our gratitude goes to the members and volunteers at Find A Grave web site for recording the details, in memory of Thelma.

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Notes for Dora RODMAN:

Notes for Clara La-Vaughn RODMAN:

Our gratitude goes to the members and volunteers at Find A Grave web site for recording the details, in memory of Clara.