Joseph WALKER was born abt. 1874 in Westbury, Buckinghamshire, England. He married Emma GEORGE bet. January and March, 1896 in Birmingham District, Warwickshire, England. He died UNKNOWN. Emma GEORGE, daughter of Richard GEORGE and Emma KNIBBS , was born bef. 19 December 1875 in Longton, Staffordshire, England. She died UNKNOWN.

Children of Joseph WALKER and Emma GEORGE are:
1. George Sydney WALKER, b. abt. 1899
2. Elsie WALKER, b. abt. 1903

Notes for Joseph WALKER:

Joseph was the son of Samuel Walker and his wife, Sarah Butcher.

We first see Joseph in 1881 when he was living at Westbury, Buckinghamshire, with his parents and siblings:
Samuel Walker Head Mar 43 Shepherd Westbury Buckinghamshire
Sarah Walker Wife Mar 42 Tingewick Buckinghamshire
Charles Walker Son 15 Ag Lab Westbury Buckinghamshire
Frederick Walker Son 12 Plough Boy Westbury Buckinghamshire
Fanny Walker Daur 10 Westbury
Joseph Walker Son 7 Westbury Buckinghamshire
Ely Walker Son 4 Westbury Buckinghamshire
Sarah Jane Walker Daur 2 Westbury Buckinghamshire

In 1891, they were living at Main Road, Westbury, Buckinghamshire:
Samuel Walker Head Mar 53 Ag LabWestbury Buckinghamshire
Sarah Walker Wife Mar 52 Tingewick Buckinghamshire, England
Joseph Walker Son 17 Ag Lab Westbury Buckinghamshire
Eli Walker Son 14 Ag Lab Westbury Buckinghamshire
Sarah J Walker Daur 12 Westbury Buckinghamshire

Joseph married Emma George in 1896.

We see Joseph and Emma in 1901, living at Backway, Brackley, Northamptonshire:
Joseph Walker Head Mar 27 Westbury Buckinghamshire
Emma Walker Wife Mar 26 Longton Staffordshire
Geo S Walker Son 2 Westbury Buckinghamshire

They were still living at Brackley in 1911:
Joseph Walker Head Mar 37 Westbury Buckinghamshire
Emma Walker Wife Mar 35 Longton Staffordshire
George Sydney Walker Son 12 Westbury Buckinghamshire
Elsie Walker Daur 8 Brackley Northamptonshire
Ernest August Hagert Boarde 40 Baldock Hertfordshire

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Notes for Emma GEORGE:

Emma was born in Longton, in the district of Stoke upon Trent, Staffordshire, England, but was baptised in Fringford, Oxfordshire where her grandfather, Isaac Judd, was born.

We don't know the exact circumstances, but we know that Emma's mother (the daughter of Mary Ann Knibbs and Isaac Judd) died at about the same time that Emma was born, quite probably from childbirth. So it maybe that Emma was immediately taken on by her grandparents.
We know she was baptised at Fringford where they lived, and we know that in 1881, she was living with them at Fringford.

Emma can be seen in 1881 living with her grandparents at Fringford:
Isaac Judd Head Mar 52 Labourer Oxon Fringford
Mary A Judd Wife Mar 50 Oxon Clifton
Emma George G.Dau 5 Stafford Longton
Henry Judd G.Son 4 Oxon Fringford

In 1891, she was living at The Farm House, Oxford Road, Bicester, Oxfordshire in the household of Spencer Kilby:
Spencer Kilby Head Mar 61 Farmer Oxon Steeple Aston
Sarah Kilby Wife Mar 61 Oxon Baynton Stokelyne
Eliza Kilby Daur UnM 22 Bucxks Boarstall
Thomas S Kilby Son UnM 20 Farmers Son Bucks Boarstall
James Franklin Nephew UnM 18 Farmers Nephew Oxon Chesterton
Emma George Serv UnM 16 General Servant (Dom) Staffs Longton

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Notes for George Sydney WALKER:

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Notes for Elsie WALKER:

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