Ephram Albert OKERBERG was born 16 July 1882 in Ottawa, Franklin County, Kansas, USA. He married Myrtle Iona KNIBBS 26 July 1927. He died 12 October 1963 in Fall River, Greenwood County, Kansas, USA. Myrtle Iona KNIBBS, daughter of George James KNIBBS and Zara Elizabeth ADKINS , was born 05 May 1895 in Fall River, Greenwood County, Kansas, USA. She died 18 June 1969 in Osawtomie, Miami County, Kansas, USA.

Notes for Ephram Albert OKERBERG:

Also known as: Albert

In 1895, the family was living at Ottawa City, Franklin:
John Okerberg 50 Sweden
Matilda Okerberg 42 Sweden
Hannah Okerberg 21 Pennsylvania
Oscar Okerberg 17 Pennsylvania
Ida Okerberg 15 Pennsylvania
Alfred Okerberg 12 Kansas
Martyn Okerberg 11 Kansas
John Okerberg 9 Kansas
William Okerberg 7 Kansas
Minnie Okerberg 4Kansas
Amelia Okerberg 2 Kansas

I'm guessing that this is Ephram we see in 1900 living with his parents at Ottawa City, Franklin, Kansas:
John Okerburg Head Mar 55 Sweden
Matilda M Okerburg Wife Mar 47 Sweden
J M C Okerburg Daughter 26 Pennsylvania
Ida Okerburg Daughter 21 Pennsylvania
Ephriam Okerburg Son 18 Kansas
Martha Okerburg Daughter 16 Kansas
John I Okerbuurg Son 14 Kansas
Wm H Okerburg Son 11 Kansas
Minnie E Okerburg Daughter 9 Kansas
Amelia Okerburg Daughter 7 Kansas
Luther Okerburg Son 4 Kansas

In 1910, Ephram was living at an Independent Township in Barton County, Kansas in the Household of Austin E Wagley:
Austin E Wagley Head Mar 37 Real Estate Agent Pennsylvania
Eliza J Wagley Wife Mar 33 Tenement Landlady Nebraska
Della Wagley Daur 11 Kansas
Stewart Wagley Son 9 Kansas
Donald E Wagley Son 6 Kansas
Morris C Wagley Son 5 Kansas
E Albert Okerberg Servant 27 Garage Foreman Kansas

See Ephram's Military Registration Card from WWI


In 1920, we see Ephram living as a Roomer at String Creek Township, Greenwood, Kansas:
Ephram Okerberg 38 Driller(?) Oilfield Pensylvania

Ephram married Myrtle Knibbs in 1927.

We can see Ephram and Myrtle living at Wilson County, Kansas in 1930:
Ephriam A Okerberg, Wilson, KS abt 1882
Myrtle I Okerberg, Wilson, KS abt 1896

In 1940, they were living at Fall River, Salt Springs Township, Greenwood, Kansas:
Albert Okerburg Head Mar 57 Kansas Proprietor Chevrolet Garage
Myrtle Okerburg Wife Mar 44 Kansas

The census shows that on 1 Apr 1935, they were living at Fredonia, Wilson County, Kansas.

Our gratitude goes to the members and volunteers at Find A Grave web site for recording the details, in memory of Albert.

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Notes for Myrtle Iona KNIBBS:

The following is a copy of a poem that was written by Myrtle in 1936. After the poem she typed "Written and dedicated to my Mother after her 76th birthday. Myrtle I. Okerberg."

"Beautiful Hands to Me"

Fat chubby baby hands, No! I can't conceive.
For when mother's hands were thus, then I didn't see.
Shapely, girlish hands of youth, No! not like these to me.
When mother's hands I didn't feel
When mother's hands first I knew
Such days for her were thru.
Mother's hands were blest with charm
Always guiding us from harm.

Mother's hands never shirked
Always busy with some kind of work.
Idle hands for her were past,
Days ne'er long enough could last
To finish all the tasks.
That those hands found need to do
Busy the live long day thru.

Firm powerful hands, guiding little feet
Safely thru the busy streets
If perchance they fell
Mother's soothing hands made them well.
Hands that o'er you liked to hover
At night rearranging all the covers
Smoothing out a wrinkle here
Tucking in another there

Then she lightly brushed back your hair
Fondling hands removed all cares
All your troubles they did share,
No effort did they leave unspared.
When mother's hand caressed you there.
Elastic hands, well yes! Stretching out to make things last a little longer
When poverty was just around the corner.

Pliable hand always kneading dough
Or trying to make us look just so
Gentle hands, gently press, never at rest
Always striving to do for those she loved best
Guiding hands that showed you right from wrong
Hands full of love and trust
While in the dust you walked side by side
And your hand in mothers did confide
And in your innocence, had naught from her to hide
Oh! How light by your feel did glide,
If from her hand, you'd never slide

Capable hands, never had a chance to rest,
Experienced hands, always did things best.
Washing, scrubbing, mending with infinite care,
Unwavering hands always doing more than their share
If mother's only knew their true worth
They'd be the happiest people on earth.

Childhood is o'er, away mother's hand you fling
Anxious to try your own wing
While other hands at you will spring
Mother's hands will always cling
Her hand for a time will fade away
While the others are holding sway
Sleek, groomed, polished, covetous hands will hold you in their grasp
Rough hands will shake you in their blast
But such handclasps cannot last
Mother's hands will hold fast

Meanwhile, her hands have not been idle
Serving others while you've been away
Never a moment for idle play
Doing good deeds every day
When you find those other hands a cheat
To mother's hands you can retreat

Safe from grief and sorrow
You can find her on the morrow
Hands have grown a trifle whiter
Hands that touch you a little lighter
But their grip on your heart is a great deal tighter
And your outlook on life much brighter

Hands grown more callous with cares
That she alone did share
Others might have lightened, had they helped to bear
Hands have grown stiff and sore
From burdens she so patiently bore
Tasks have become harder to finish
But her interest in us has not diminished

Lines have changed to angles bent
Symbolic of her days, well spent
Pale skin, sheerest gossamer thin
Blue veins, her life blood trickles in
Her hands, tho frail, have never failed
Her hands, so fragile, yet do not break
Her hands that tremble, yet never fear
Her hands that shake, yet never quake
Her hands that seem so easily crushed

If we would more than lightly brush
Such hands that have inspired confidence and trust
Let her walk hand in hand with us
Impart to us some of your charm
That such hands may never come to harm
Such hands let artists try to paint
Let poets find words adequate

Such hands let no man ever separate
Such hands in heaven were formed
Such hands have taken years to mold
It is our privilege to hold
No child is quite complete, or a life quite so sweet
Whose never known such hands as these
When you've held them in all ages
Saw them pass thru all these stages
What could be more beautiful to see
Than my mother's hands to me
Oh that mother's hands could stay
Where I might hold them always

Our gratitude goes to the members and volunteers at Find A Grave web site for recording the details, in memory of Myrtle.

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