Earl Basil HULS was born 24 November 1906 in Oklahoma, USA. He married Violet Mae KNIBBS 25 December 1929. He died August 1987 in Johnson County, Kansas, USA. Violet Mae KNIBBS, daughter of Clyde Ellsworth KNIBBS and Ida Mae WALKER , was born 15 March 1911 in Fredonia, Wilson County, Kansas, USA. She died UNKNOWN.

Children of Earl Basil HULS and Violet Mae KNIBBS are:
1. Donna Belle HULS, b. Private
2. Earlene May HULS, b. Private

Other Marriages/Unions for Violet Mae KNIBBS:
See Percy Halbert MONROE & Violet Mae KNIBBS

Notes for Earl Basil HULS:

We first see Earl in 1910 living at Waldron, Grady County, Oklahoma:
Evert H Huls Head Mar 33 Farmer Ohio
Callie Huls Wife Mar (6 years) 32 Missouri
Earl Huls Son 4 Oklahoma
Opal Huls Daur 3 Oklahoma
Harmon Huls Brother 35 Labourer Illinois

The family had moved to Liberal, Seward County, Kansas by September 1918 when Evert registered for Military Service.

In 1920, the were living in Liberal Township, Seward Conty, Kansas:
Everet H Huls Head Mar 46 Labourer Ohio
Hallie Huls Wife Mar 41 Lodging House Keeper Missouri
Earl Huls Son 14 Oklahoma
Pearl Huls Daur 12 Oklahoma
Ray Huls Son 9 Oklahoma
Hazel Huls Daur 7 OPklahoma

We see Earl is in 1925 when we see him, a brother and two sisters at school at E. College, Blackwell, Kay County, Oklahoma:
Earl Huls Date of Birth 24 Nov 1906 Age 19
Opal Huls Date of Birth 2 Feb 1907 Age 18
Ray Huls Date of Birth 17 Jul 1910 Age 15
Hazel Huls Date of Birth 3 Oct 18912 Age 13

We can see Earl and Violet living at Sedgwick County, Kansas in 1930:
Earl B Hula, Sedgwick, KS abt 1908
Violet Mae Hula, Sedgwick, KS abt 1911

In 1940, we see Earl and family living at Tract 30, South Sheyman, Denver City, Denver County, Colorado, in the household of a James Bosley and his wife Marda:
Earl B Huls Lodger Mar 34 Cleaner Oklahoma
Violet Huls Lodger Mar 29 Kansas
Donna Huls Lodger 9 Kansas
Earlene Huls Lodger 7 Kansas

Sources for Earl Basil HULS:

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Notes for Violet Mae KNIBBS:

The above photograph shows Violet Mae Knibbs as a young infant being held by her aunt Hilda Gladys Knibbs. We believe the picture was taken in about 1912 when Violet was between 1 and 2 years of age.
Hilda was the youngest sister of Violet's father, Clyde Ellsworth Knibbs and his wife Ida Mae Walker.

Sources for Violet Mae KNIBBS:

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Notes for Donna Belle HULS:

Notes for Earlene May HULS: