Richard GOUGH was born abt. 1850. He married Emily GAYTHORPE 29 November 1871 in Salford District, Lancashire, England. He died bet. April and June, 1877 in Prestwich District, Lancashire, England. Emily GAYTHORPE was born abt. 1854 in Manchester, Lancashire, England. She died bet. July and September, 1926 in Woodstock, Oxfordshire, England.

Children of Richard GOUGH and Emily GAYTHORPE are:
1. Eliza Emily GOUGH, b. 27 November 1872
2. Maria Louisa GOUGH, b. abt. 01 March 1876

Marriage Notes for Richard GOUGH\Emily GAYTHORPE:

See Richard and Emily's Marriage Certificate

Richard and Emily married in St. John's Church, Manchester, Lancashire..

Other Marriages/Unions for Emily GAYTHORPE:
See William John LONGWORTH & Emily GAYTHORPE

Notes for Richard GOUGH:

I'm guessing that it was Emily's Richard Gough who's death was registered in q2/1877 in Prestwich District, Lancashire, which is approximately 4.5 miles from Manchester. He was aged just 26.

We have it that his second daughter Maria was born in 1876, indicating that Richard was alive until at least early 1875.

Whilst Emily didn't remarry until 1879, her son, Alfred, was registered as Alfred Longworth in December 1877, indicating that Richard was deceased before that time

Sources for Richard GOUGH:

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Notes for Emily GAYTHORPE:

Photograph courtesy of Diane Sharland. (Click to enlarge)

We see from Emily's marriage certifcate for her first marriage, her father's name was James Gaythorpe who was a mechanic by profession.

We first see Emily in 1861, living at 4, Long Mill Gate, Manchester, Lancashire:
Mary Gaythorpe Head UnM 44 Tayloress Lancashire Manchester
Emily Gaythorpe Daur 7 Lancashire Manchester
Eliza Gaythorpe Sister UnM 52 Lancashire Manchester
Mary Jane Gaythrope Niece UnM 18 Brass Tester(?) Lancashire Manchester

In 1871, we see Emily living at 15, Clegg Street, Manchester, Lancashire:
Sarah Burns Head Widw 73 Ireland
Sarah Burns Daur 28 UnM 28 Cloth Cap Maker Liverpool
Mary Gaythorpe Lodger Widw 53 Tayloress Manchester
Emily Gaythorpe Lodger UnM 18 Stocking Factory Manchester

Emily married Richard Gough in 1879.

In 1901, Emily was living at Oxford Street, Woodstock, Oxfordshire:
Emily Longworth Head Wid 47 Dressmaker Lancs Manchester
Gertrude Longworth Daur 12 Oxon Woodstock
William J Longworth Son 9 Oxon Woodstock
Rosa L Longworth Daur 5 Oxon Woodstock
Reginald M Longworth Son 3 Oxon Woodstock

In 1911, Emily was living at Mill House, Woodstock, Oxfordshire:
Emily Longworth Head Wid 57 Dressmaker Manchester
William John Longworth Son UnM 19 Water Engineer Oxon Woodstock
Rosa Lillian Longworth Daur 15 Dressmakers Assistant Oxon Woodstock
Reginald Malcolm Longworth Son 13 School Oxon Woodstock

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Notes for Eliza Emily GOUGH:

Photograph courtesy of Diane Sharland. (Click to enlarge)

Sources for Eliza Emily GOUGH:

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Notes for Maria Louisa GOUGH:

Also known as: Lou

Maria married a man named Albert Victor WHITLOCK, aged 22 years, on 17 July 1899 at Woodstock, Oxfordshire, England. He was a glover by trade, son of John, also a glover.
Interestingly, the Woodstock PR Transcript gives her father's name as Richard, so maybe her mother had been married pereviously.

17 Jul 1899 GOUGH Maria Louisa (23) sp. d. Richard
WHITLOCK Albert Victor (22) glover, b.s. John, glover
Wit: Thomas Redford HINES, Harriet Elizabeth HORN

In 1901, Albert and Maria were living at Oxford Street, Woodstock, Oxfordshire, next door to Maria's mother:
Albert V Whitlock Head Mar 24 Glove Grounder Oxon Woodstock
Maria L Whitlock Wife Mar 25 Lancs Manchester

In 1911, they were living in the The Borough Montacute Somerset:
Albert Whitlock Head Mar 34 Glover Wheeler Woodstock Oxfordshire
Louise Whitlock Wife Mar (11 years) Manchester Lancs
Richard Ivor Whitlock Son 9 Woodstock Oxfordshire
Amy Constance Whitlock Daur 3 Montacute Somerset
Imbert Whitlock Son 9 months Montacute Somerset

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